Why choose Boondokker?

Boondokker is a RV parking rental aggregator that lets users find parking spots wherever they may be located. The app and website are available in most English-speaking countries and have a built-in currency converter, interactive maps, satellite images, rewards program, and much more! The goal is to give users many different location options, price points, and detailed information about the parking location.

Whether you are looking for a place to park your RV in the city, country, or remotely, Boondokker has options. If you want to stay away from busy parking areas and isolate yourself from crowds, noise, trash (and even pandemic viruses), now you have options. You can even find a safe, quiet, clean, affordable spot in a residential driveway!

Become a host and make extra money by inviting RV guests to park on your property (see the tab “Why Host?”), or if you already rent RV parking spots, use Boondokker to extend your marketing reach!

Safe travels!


The Boondokker Family