Boondokker was started after a 2021 road trip from Washington State to Southern California along the coast. We stayed at RV parks, KOA’s, motels, and boondocked at Indian casinos and big box stores. We found that RV Parks and KOA’s were expensive, crowded, and noisy. The motels had limited parking for RV’s. Some of the Indian casinos and big box stores, although free, seemed unsafe with people coming and going all night. We concluded that other RV’ers were probably having a similar experience. We decided to offer RV’ers different options that are hopefully more affordable, plentiful, convenient and quiet.

The Boondokker platform provides flexible options for parking when touring around this great country. Sometimes, KOA and RV parks are booked up. Sometimes you may want to get away from the crowds because of the pandemic or for some other reason. Sometimes, you just want peace and quiet or need a convenient place to park for the night in a safe location. Sometimes, you may want to explore a big city and need a convenient and safe place to park a trailer and go explore in your vehicle or ride-share into town.

Boondokker allows Hosts to make extra money by renting their private residential driveway, an RV pad, a wooded lot, a campground, or any other type of property that has space to offer. The Host sets the price and the parking rules. Sometimes a residential driveway Host may only want parking after dark and before sunrise. Others may allow extended stays. It’s completely up to the Host.

Exploring this country in an RV is fun, adventurous, and really allows RV’ers to experience the freedom that America bestows. Now RV’ers won’t need to worry about where they’re going to park.

Safe travels!

The Boondokker family